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A brilliant metaphor

Congratulations, you all are twelve!

Being a man is like being a dog. We are expected to be strong and loyal to earn our keep. Women are like cats. They aren’t really expected to do anything. If they choose to be productive, cool, but no one requires them to do anything.

Dogs are seen as violent and stupid while cats are smart and elegant. When they get into a fight, the dog is always seen as the aggressor, even though cats can absolutely be violent and irrational. Doesn’t matter if the cat started it or not, cause in the end, the dog will be punished and the cat will be cuddled.

Dogs are expected to do the dangerous jobs like herding and police work. Cats, at most, are expected to be cute and nap.

People automatically assume that dogs are dangerous, but have no problem going up to pet a strange cat. Dogs are more likely to be put down for attacking a person than a cat. As in more likely to be punished for the same crime.

Don’t make stupid comparisons about people if you aren’t ready to have them thrown right back in your face.   

^Now THAT’S a brilliant metaphor.


4chan targets Florida teens who set an endangered tortoise on fire   






"4chan is literal scum", they said. "4chan is shit", they said.

When was the last time you ever did something of value, tumblr?

I applaud you 4chan.

They also doxxed a women who shot a kitten in the face with a BB gun and posted it on Twitter, I don’t know what happened after that though.

This is why I support the raid on tumblr. Tumblr gets feminists riled up about shitty pop songs that aren’t about rape. 4chan gets shit done.

4chan also caught a pedophile. Tumblr killed a guys pet fox.


me as a parent

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